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Sage X3 Connector

Sage X3 Connector

IMan and the Sage X3 connector can integrate virtually any external 3rd party application or webservice with Sage X3.

  • eCommerce & webstore – Integrating with a variety of commercially available eCommerce platforms such as Magento, BigCommerce, Spree, ASP DotNet Storefront & WordPress Shopp and custom developed websites with Sage X3.
  • Manufacturing and niche verticals.
  • Distribution and warehouse management – Complex transactional integration with third party logistics (3PL/4PL) providers, on-premise WMS’s and shipping systems.
  • Timesheet capture, billing & job costing.
  • Point of sale – integrating a variety of POS systems importing Journal Entires, A/R & A/P transactions and Bank entries.
  • Data Take-on & Automated Data Capture – Eliminate the complex & clumsy X3 import formats by using IMan to import take-on data easily and to speed repetitive data entry from simply laid out Excel or CSV files.



  • Magento-Product-Brief Integration is made through the Sage X3 webservices ensuring data is validated and business logic maintained per the SAFE X3 object code.
  • All errors and warnings are logged – As our connector works through webservices, errors and warnings are consistent with those generated when entering data manually.
  • Dynamic schema discovery means IMan is able to detect changes and extensions to the SAFE X3 objects / data schema and be able to integrate with these extensions consistent with their logic.
  • Key transactional data such as order & document numbers, and line ID’s are captured at time of processing for use in detailed audit reporting and/or written back to the IMan dataset to facilitate complex transactional processing.
  • Able to integrate with any published SAFE X3 object.

Why use IMan to integrate with Sage X3?

Integrating with X3 webservices is not that difficult, so why use IMan?
  • IMan is a code-free integration platform. Our visual interface is designed for consultants to create the integrations, removing the need for costly, brittle & time consuming development.
  • Highly Flexible – IMan is highly functional with connectors for a number of common raw data types, in-memory data transformation to shape & manipulate data and the ability automate complex multi-transaction integration.
  • Easily Maintainable & Changeable – The high level design interface means changes can be made easily and quickly without having to go through lengthy and expensive software cycles.
  • Not all X3 objects are safe to use with webservices! Included in the software cost, our in-house development team evaluates your integration requirements to identify the potential scenarios where a webservice call may fail.
IMan provides you with a highly flexible integration platform, which is not only future-proofed but can reduce integration costs by 60% and time to integrate by 70%.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements.