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WooCommerce Connector

The WooCommerce Connector for IMan provides bi-directional integration allowing you to integrate your WooCommerce eCommerce platform with a range of Sage solutions including Sage X3, Sage 300, Sage 200 (UK), Sage 50 (UK), Sage CRM, and Sage Payment Solutions.product_desc_img_woocommerce

Sage customers around the world use IMan to simplify their integration challenges and make their Sage and WooCommerce solutions run together smoothly. An integrated WooCommerce store will help your organisation improve efficiency and reduce the number of manual tasks in your business.

Key Features:

  • Seamless & tight integration between WooCommerce and any of our supported Sage products.
  • WooCommerce-Product-BriefAutomated bi-directional transfer of data between Sage and WooCommerce removes the need for manual processing.
  • Download orders from WooCommerce and upload shipment information from Sage to WooCommerce.
  • Bi-directional integration for Customer & Product data.
  • IMan can be configured to transform data to match any business process such as auto generation of purchase orders for businesses with back-to-back sales/purchase order fulfilment.
  • Ability to integrate 3rd party systems such as: 3PL, WMS, Shipping, and Logistics.

Please contact us to find out more or to ask for a demonstration.