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Shopify Integration

Shopify Connector


Our Shopify Connector for IMan provides bi-directional integration between a range of Sage applications (SageX3, Sage300, Sage200, Sage50, SageCRM & SagePay) and both Shopify and Shopify plus eCommerce platforms.

Shopify Connector

IMan’s comprehensive data transformation and connectivity with Sage applications means order processing workflows can be customised according to your business process:

  • Full support for all Shopify transactions: Orders (Up & Down), Shipments (Up & Down) and Payment (Up) transactions raised in Shopify can be imported into your Sage application or in Sage and uploaded to Shopify. This bi-directly flexibility allows order management in either Shopify or your Sage solution.
  • Ability to dynamically create Customer Accounts and Stock Items in your Sage application as part of the order or shipment download process.
  • Bi-directional integration of master data such as Customer Accounts, Items, Pricing & Inventory to and from your Sage ERP/Accounting or CRM solution.
  • Shopify-Product-BriefUpload shipment transactions from your Sage application including shipment tracking information.
  • Extensive email capability such as alerts to customer services and/or sending of customer facing documents such as order & shipment confirmations.
  • IMan’s flexibility means custom & business specific processes can be incorporated into any data flow. For example, auto-purchase order generation for businesses with back-to-back sales/purchase order fulfilment or; Warehousing/WMS/logistics integration or; payment processing & credit checking.
  • 100% documented.

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