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Sage 200

Sage 200 Connector

Sage Connector

IMan and the Sage200 connector allow you to integrate virtually any application with Sage200.

To provide you with a flavour of what can be achieved, some of our previous projects have included:

  • eCommerce and webstore – we’ve integrated a variety of commercially available and custom developed websites with Sage200.
  • Point of sale – capturing daily sales and cash importing these into the nominal and sales ledgers accordingly.
  • Procurement and EDI
  • Simple data feeds and automated data capture – importing data from a variety of sources such as Excel and CSV files to speed or automate repetitive data entry tasks.
  • Data synchronisation – synchronisation of complex purchase transactions between Sage200 and external systems.
  • Automated business process management – IMan has been deployed to automate complex business processes such as: order & payment gateway processing, procurement and invoice approval processes.


  • Sage200-Product-BriefIntegration is made through the Sage200 API, ensuring all data is valid maintaining business logic and data integrity.
  • We smooth out the inconsistencies of the Sage 200 API by providing a consistent and simple record-field based mapping UI. Where there are shortcomings in the Sage200 API we add the necessary logic and messaging to make the design process as simple as possible.
  • All errors or warnings from Sage are logged and recorded.
  • Key transactional data (Order Numbers, Batch Ids & Customer Numbers, URNs) is captured and can be written back to the IMan dataset to facilitate detailed audit reporting and complex transactional processing.

Supported Integration Points/Imports

The following list is the supported transactions/master data types. If an integration point is not available, we will add it (for free), thereafter becoming part of the core product.
  • Nominal ledger journals (taxable and non-taxable)
  • Nominal journal payments and receipts (taxable and non-taxable)
  • Sales ledger accounts (customers)
  • Sales ledger invoice and credit notes
  • Sales ledger receipts with auto and specified allocation
  • Purchase ledger accounts (suppliers)
  • Purchase ledger invoice and credit notes
  • Purchase ledger payments with auto and specified allocation
  • Grouped Bank Transactions with allocation
  • SOP sales orders – Including returns, quotes & proforma invoices (Insert/Edit/Delete)
  • SOP print order acknowledgements
  • SOP print pick lists
  • SOP delivery addresses (Insert/Modify)
  • SOP despatches – Including serial & lot numbers
  • SOP print despatch notes
  • SOP invoices printing and posting
  • SOP pick list and despatch note printing
  • POP purchase orders (Insert/Edit/Delete)
  • POP print purchase orders (Insert/Edit/Delete)
  • POP purchase returns
  • POP purchase receipts – Including serial & lot numbers
  • POP direct deliveries
  • POP purchase invoice & credit notes
  • Stock items
  • Stock item prices
  • Pricebook discounts and discount groups
  • Stock Adjustments – Including serial & lot numbers
  • Stock Transfers – Including serial & lot numbers
  • Bills Of Material Import (Insert/Update)
  • Bills Of Material Build
  • Project Accounting – Timecards