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Magento Integration

Magento Connector

Magento Connector

The Magento Connector for IMan provides bi-directional integration allowing you to integrate a range of Sage applications (SageX3, Sage300, Sage200, Sage50, SageCRM & SagePay) with the Magento eCommerce platform.

Coupled with IMan’s comprehensive data transformation and connectivity with Sage applications means order processing workflows can be customised according to your business process:

  • Full support for all Magento transactions: Orders, Shipments, Invoices & Credit Memos raised in Magento can be imported into your Sage application. This provides flexibility as to whether order processing is managed in Magento or your ERP solution.
  • Ability to dynamically create Customer Accounts and Stock Items in your Sage application per your business’ process.
  • Upload of master data such as Customer Accounts, Items, Pricing & Inventory from your Sage ERP, Accounting or CRM solution to Magento.
  • Upload from your Sage application shipment transactions including shipment tracking information.
  • Extensive email capability such as alerts to customer services and/or sending of customer facing documents such as order & shipment confirmations.
  • IMan’s flexibility means custom & business specific processes can be incorporated into any data flow. For example, auto-purchase order generation for businesses with back-to-back sales/purchase order fulfilment or; Warehousing/WMS/logistics integration or; payment processing & credit checking.

Other Features

  • Magento-Product-BriefEfficient (bulk) upload of both product, product categories and customer records.
  • Efficient (bulk) download product data and product categories, thereby enabling Magento to act as your Product Data Master (PDM).
  • Shipment uploads can trigger email confirmation from Magento.
  • Support for Multi-store/Multi-website Magento sites.
  • Support for Magento’s configurable items, product options &s; bundles.
  • Configurable field length restriction to prevent customers for example from entering addresses to long to fit into your Sage product.
  • Support for Amasty Order Attribute extension.
  • Order Status and other key data such as Sage order number, shipment number, etc can be updated back to Magento as orders are approved, picked, shipped & invoiced.
  • Multiple order payment support.
  • A set of pre-configured integrations has been created allowing you to rapidly integrate Magento with your Sage application.
  • All integration is made with Magento is through it’s webservice API or through our new endpoints for bulk upload/download, therefore security and integrity of Magento is ensured, and naturally all integration with Sage products is through the applications’ respective API.
  • Seamless integration & tight integration between Magento and any of our supported Sage products.
  • Compatible with Magento versions CE 1.4-1.9.x, EE 1.6-1.14 & 2.x upwards



The following video demonstrates IMan integrating Magento with Sage200.