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Sage 50 Connector

Sage 50 Connector

IMan and the Sage50 connector allow you to integrate virtually any application with Sage50.

To provide you with a flavour of what can be achieved, some of our previous projects have included:

  • eCommerce and Webstore – integrating bespoke eCommerce websites with Sage50.
  • Simple data feeds and automated data capture – importing data from a variety of sources such as Excel and CSV files to speed or automate repetitive data entry tasks.
  • Billing and Invoicing Systems –importing and exporting a variety of data to and from a bespoke developed billing system.


  • Integration is made through the Sage50 Data Objects/API, ensuring all data is valid, maintaining business logic and data integrity.
  • Integration is made through a simple to use record-field based mapping interface, where we add the necessary logic and messaging to make the design process as simple as possible.
  • All errors or warnings from Sage are logged and recorded.
  • Key transactional data (Order Number & Invoice Numbers) are captured and can be written back to the IMan dataset to facilitate detailed audit reporting and complex transactional processing.

Supported Imports

The following list is the supported transactions/master data types. If a data type is not listed please contact us to discuss your requirement.
  • Payable Ledger Suppliers
  • Payable Ledger Invoice & Credit Notes
  • Receivable Ledger Customers
  • Receivable Ledger Invoice & Credit Notes
  • Receivable Ledger Receipts (SA/SR)
  • Receivable Ledger Sales Order & Sales Invoices