The Sage300 Training Manual


Here is an example of an order import from a web-commerce application. In a real scenario the data-source would be XML, however to simplify the integration we have substituted this for an Excel data-source.


  1. IMan is installed and running.
  2. Ensure Sage300 is setup and working with IMan (see IMan Setup

  3. If you have not used IMan previously it is highly recommended to consult the Quick Start guide and the integration walk-throughs prior to starting training.

We urge you to follow and read each part carefully. There are some ‘gotchas’ along the way if you miss a step or get something wrong.

Estimated Time

We estimate it will take about a day on your own to work through the initial training. There are several homework steps which can be performed after the initial section is complete.


At a top level the aim is to import orders and customers from an Excel file into Sage300.

Specifically you will learn to:

  • Set up a file based data source.
  • Sequence multiple transforms together:
    • These manipulate data within IMan before it enters its target application.
  • Create some relatively simple expressions using our formula evaluator in the Map, Filter and Aggregate transforms.
  • Set up the Sage300 connectors to import data.
  • Set up and use IMan’s highly configurable auditing and error handling.
  • Use the write transforms to export data from any application to a variety of data formats. The training will create an order status file to feed back to the web order entry system.
  • Configure a File Task to archive processed files.
  • Use the FTP task to upload a CSV file to your server.
  • How to create an invoice, send a shipment, and email the client in one automated process.