IMan System Connector Setup

  1. Log into IMan
  2. Go to the Setup tab > System Connectors
  3. Double click the empty row at the top of the grid to create a new entry:
  1. System ID
    • Can be any non-blank value.
  2. System Type
    • Select Shopify from the drop down. If Shopify is not present in the drop down, try:
      • Restarting the IMan IIS application pool.
      • Check \IMan\Debug\CustomAddinLoadLog.log for any errors or messages.
  1. Version
    • The version equates to the Shopify API version. You may be presented with just a single option in the drop down, or multiple dependent on your installation.
      An empty option in the drop down represents a connector which does not target a specific version of the Shopify API. Unversioned connectors are now deprecated, so please do not use.
  2. Description
    • A description for the connection.
  3. Connection String
    • For debug purposes tracing can be enabled to write out the outgoing calls and responses made from IMan to Shopify:
      • TRACE=True
        To enable tracing.
      • TRACE=False
        To disable tracing or remove the value altogether.
    • The resulting trace file will be written to: \IMan\Debug\WSTRACE-Shopify.log
  1. Username
    • The API Key from the Private App setup in Shopify.
  2. Password
    • The password from the Private App setup in Shopify.
  3. Company Id
    • This is the Shopify store ID. The store ID is the first part of the server DNS name before ''.