Sample INtegration & Cookbook Intro

This page provides links to the cookbook articles for common Salesforce integration scenarios and links to each of the step-by-step guides for the sample Salesforce integrations.


This section describes common integration scenarios and patterns for integrating with Salesforce.


The sample integrations for both Sage200 and Sage300 are equivalent in the data they transfer between Sage and Salesforce.

Each of the step-by-step guides below correspond to the Salesforce integrations installed with Samples, when creating the IMan database.

Salesforce & Sage Setups

In order to use the samples you must first setup the Salesforce and Sage connection details.

Salesforce Setup

Connect the sample Salesforce connector to your Salesforce instance, folowing the Salesforce Setup and IMan System Connector Setup steps.

Sage Setup

  • Database Setup
    • Connect the sample database connections to the target Sage200 & Sage300 databases.
  • Sage System Connector Setup

Sage200 Samples

Sage300 Samples