Version 4.0 Product Update 1 | Realisable

Version 4.0 Product Update 1

The following fixes and enhancements have been made in version 4.0 product update 1.

Breaking Changes



  • IMAN-1478 – Sage300 Connector – Added ability to create US Payroll History Import.


  • IMAN-1489 – Format Function – Make function consistent between old & new architectures.
  • IMAN-1488 – System Connector – Fixes issue where incoming fields could be mapped to same field on connector causing a duplicate.
  • IMAN-1485 – Flatten Transform – Fixes an EOF error incurred on where the Flatten Transaction Id is not the top most and where there’s no data.
  • IMAN-1484 – System Connector Transform – Fixes several existing issues and one issue introduced in V4 on field mapping tab.
  • IMAN-1483 – Fixes issues with discover of hierarchical data on CSV, Database, Excel & Fixed Width Readers. This also fixes an error ‘Key not present in dictionary’ caused when Apply is pressed prior to any of the meta data being defined.
  • IMAN-1479 – Webservices – Fixes several issues with GET requests where Accept-Type header was not specified.
  • IMAN-1477 – Fixes issue with Excel Writer to resolve hard crash.
  • IMAN-1475 – Sage300 – Fixes V4 merge issue for PJC Allocation on A/R Receipts.
  • IMAN-1473 – Fixes several bugs where IMan would hang. The hangs may have been experienced in prior versions (though we’re unsure).
  • IMAN-1471 – Fixes an issue with SSH (FTP over SSH) on directory change when connecting with servers purporting to implement v5 & v6 of the SSH protocol.
  • IMAN-1466 – Fixes an issue on a component used on some connectors to support TLS 1.2.
  • Also includes several fixes around licensing.