Version 3.2 Product Update 1 | Realisable

Version 3.2 Product Update 1

The following fixes and enhancements have been made in version 3.2 product update 1.

Breaking Changes



  • IMAN-1151 – Sage300 Connector – Added ability to create I/C Contract pricing.
  • IMAN-1147 – Sage300 Connector – Added PJC support to the A/R Receipt import.
  • IMAN-1144 – SageCRM Connector – Added version comment interface.
  • IMAN-1036 – GetValue function allow invalid field names. An empty string will be returned when an invalid field name is supplied as an argument.
  • SageCRM Connector Documentation is now available online.


  • Fixes build related issue causing the following error for connector based readers: ‘Could not load file or assembly ‘file:///C:\IMan\Addins\Realisable.Connectors.SageCRM.dll’
  • IMAN-1170 – Sage300 Printing – Fixes permissions issue when running IMan under user other than LocalSystem.
  • IMAN-1167, IMAN-1166, IMAN-1165, IMAN-1161, IMAN-1141, IMAN-1036 – CSV & Excel Readers – Fixes various issues and improves logic related to field detection implemented in initial 3.2 release.
  • IMAN-1164 – Email Task – Email task was not saving the Send Data option.
  • IMAN-1163 – Sage300 Form Printing – Fixes an issue whereby printing would lock up under certain scenarios when multiple jobs were simultaneously printing.
  • IMAN-1162 – Fixes several issues where the Preview function was not refreshing correctly.
  • IMAN-1160 – VBScript Parser – When a field is renamed in the Map Transform, the check function would incorrectly report that a field does not exist.
  • IMAN-1158 – Fixes a licensing issue with the connector count following 3.2 release.
  • IMAN-1035, IMAN-1156 – Sage200 Connector – Pricebook Selling Price could not be updated with zero price.
  • IMAN-1153 – XmlWriter – Fixes several issues with static fields and templated xml.
  • IMAN-1152 – The ValidateSettings method was not being called for not being called for .net 4.5 connectors.
  • IMAN-1149 – Sage200 Connector – Fixes an issue whereby the allocation function was failing for Sales Ledger payments.
  • IMAN-1145 – Sage200 Connector – Alter exception handling to discard line changes when an error occurs.
  • IMAN-1142 – Sage300 Connector – Service Manager Document Import – Fixes line numbering issue when updating existing documents.
  • IMAN-1138 – Sage200 Connector – POP Invoice/Credit – Add ability to override totals.
  • IMAN-1133 – Fixes a database creation issue.
  • IMAN-1127 – Sage200 Connector – SOP Order – Fixes an issue with reserved quantities.
  • IMAN-1034 – CSV Reader – Fixes an issue with carriage returns embedded in quoted strings.
  • IMAN-713 – Sage300 Connector – O/E Order – Add Ship Via Description (VIADESC) field.
  • IMAN-352 – When uploading integrations with the same id as a previously deleted one, the audit report's next increment reset to 1. This fix checks for any previous audit reports so that the next increment is at least one ahead of the last audit report.
  • IMAN-5 – Excel Reader – Excel files can now be opened in Excel whilst Previewing in the designer. This change also applies to other file based readers, but it most prevalent in Excel.