IMan v4.1 changes

General Changes

Here are the major points for what’s new…

New Installer

A new installer streamlines installation:

  • Adds any windows pre-requisites.
  • Creates and sets the IIS Application Pool.

New Preview Function

The preview function has been improved:

  • Automatic refresh of the grid component as the result generates.
  • A more responsive grid control has been used.

Connector Readers

The connector reader screen now allows you to select which transaction levels to include. This is specifically for datasources with a highly hierarchical structure such as SageCRM, Salesforce and Magento.

Webservices Improvements

A whole range of improvements to webservices have made:

  • Ability to write back values from an HTTP response back to the IMan dataset for use in downstream operations and auditing purposes. The enhancement supports JSON, Xml and binary data. Binary writeback facility is useful for integration with shipping solutions where typically a POST operation returns a label in PNG, PDF formats.
  • Ability to integrate with a Form URL and URL Parameter type service. I.e. where all values sent a webservice are encoded with key value pair key1=value1&key2=value2&key3=value3 sequence.
  • Enhancements to our JPATH syntax to allow JSON documents to be addressed/queried in exactly the same manner as Xml.
  • Support for paging of HTTP query/GET requests.
  • Enhancements to HTTP Headers (used for authentication and specifying requests).
  • A new Webservice Training Manual/technique cookbook.


Performance improvements continue to be made:

  • A 10-15% improvement was made to data set iteration. This improvement is marginal when factored into the actual transform execution.
  • JSON Reader & JSON Writer - A 20-25% performance improvement.
  • CSV Writer & Fixed Width Writer - Between 50% and 400% speed improvement.

CSV Writer & FIxed Width Writer

  • Both writers now have the ability to set the header names on the writer whereas in previous versions the header name would come from the field name.
  • CSV Writer now supports an additional option for escaping quote marks.

Database Writer

  • Improves handling of database schemas.

Connector Improvements

Sage 300 Connector Improvements

  1. Added touchpoint for P/O Requsitions.
  2. Added touchpoint for Orchid Bin Tracking.
  3. Added capability to delete batch on transform failure. This has been added to A/R Invoice, A/P Invoice, A/R Receipt, A/P Payment.
  4. Added capability to append to existing batch when using the Prepayment functionality with O/E Orders.
  5. Official support for 2019.

Sage Enterprise (X3) Connector Improvements

  1. Added support for secure (https) connections over TLS 1.2.
  2. Added ability for V12.
  3. Now supports connections to EM hosted by Sage.

SageCRM Connector Improvements

  1. Added support for secure (https) connections over TLS 1.2.


  1. Added support for Windows Server 2019.
  2. Added support for SQL Server 2017.