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What's New

IMPORTANT NOTICE: See below V3.2 changes

License Update

For any customers connectors with are non-Sage i.e. Magento, WooCommerce, Concur, Amazon, Shopify, etc, please contact Realisable for a new license key.

Customers using only the Sage connectors previously bundled with IMan you do not require an updated license key – the existing license will continue to work.

Breaking Changes & Important Upgrade Notes

.NET 4.5.1 & Server 2003

Version 3.2 now requires .net 4.5.1 or above. For this reason Windows Server 2003 is no longer supported.

Sage 200 Connector Version

After upgrading it is important to review each System Connector and set the Version properly. Please consult the relevant System Connectors setup.

Sage CRM Connector Version

After upgrading it is important to review each System Connector and set the Version properly.

Please note that CRM 7.2 and 7.3 should set to version 7.3 as shown below.

General Changes

Here are the major points for what’s new…

Runtime Architectural Change

Each integration now runs as it’s own separate process - no more IntEngine.exe. This change should reduce/remove the following locking/multithreaded issues:

  1. SQL Client Deadlock Issues
    • Working around a bug somewhere between SQL client & Sage300.
  2. Occasional licensing & license feature drop outs.
  3. Sage300 Session Concurrency Issues
  4. Sage200 concurrent login issues.
  5. Some memory and other resource related conflicts.

Licensing Changes

  1. A new tier for 8-Integrations has been introduced.
  2. All connectors are now licensed.

General Connector Improvements /Changes

  1. Version Connectors
    • IMan now has the facility to have multiple versions of the same connector on a single instance. This is useful for deployments where we need to target different versions of a product, but the connector assemblies need to be different. E.g. Radically different products v1.9 and V2.0 Magento, or needing to target different sets of reference assemblies in the case of Sage200 UK.
  2. Compatibility with latest versions of X3, Sage300, Sage200 (UK).

Sage 300 Connector Improvements

  1. A single connector can now target all versions of Sage300 from version 5.6 upwards – including the current release 2017.
  2. Sage300 Printing Performance Improvements
    • Improving performance by about 30%.
  3. Support for 3rd Party Modules for Service Manager, AutoSimply, Orchid RMA, Systronics Cashworks
    • This will be sold as a separate module. Customers whom have sponsored the development of these end points will be exempt for 18 months from any additional software assurance.
  4. Added a new function to calculate a customer’s calculated price.

Other Sage300 connector Improvements & Additions

  1. G/L Accounts
    • Transactional Optional fields can now be specified.
  2. A/P Remit To Locations
    • Added support to create & update.
  3. A/R Receipt Batch
    • Add ability to set the batch Ready To Post.
  4. A/R National Accounts
    • Add ability to create National Accounts; added national account fields to the A/R Customer & A/R Receipt imports.
  5. I/C Transfer
    • Added ability for Transit Transfer & Transfer Receipt.
  6. I/C Transfer
    • Added Serial & Lot number support.
  7. I/C Internal Issues
    • Added Serial & Lot number support.
  8. O/E Orders
    • Added ability to control allocation for Serial & Lot tracked items.
  9. O/E Orders
    • Added PJC Support
  10. O/E Shipment
    • Added ability to ship multiple orders.
  11. O/E Invoice
    • Added ability to invoice multiple shipments.
  12. Bank Reversals
    • Added ability to reverse bank entries/transactions.
  13. C/P & U/P Employee
    • Added ability to create & employee records in both payroll products.
  14. Added support to create Orchid RMA Entries.
  15. Added support to create/update Technisoft Service Manager Document.
  16. Added ability to create/update Autosimply BILL OF MATERIALS IMPORT.
  17. Added ability to create Autosimply BILL OF MANUFACTURING ORDER.
  18. Added ability to create Autosimply SHOP ENTRY.
  19. Added ability to create Systronics Cashworks entries.

Sage200 Connector Improvements

  1. P/L Payment Import
    • Added ability to create P/L Receipts.
  2. P/L Payments
    • Added ability to allocate by URN.
  3. Added ability to create Timecards.
  4. Ability to build Bill Of Materials.

SageX3 Connector Improvements

  1. Added ability to specify the connection language.
  2. Added ability for PU9 & PU10.
  3. X3 MultiPlex Sub Routine (Using the Multiplex SubProg)
    • Allows hierarchical data to be mapped into Sage for use in an X3 Subprogram. This subprogram allows a header/detail structure to be passed from IMan into X3, where a subprogram can be developed to access that hierarchical data.

SageCRM Connector Improvements

  1. Performance improvements when opening and using the interface.

CSV Reader & Excel Reader Improvements

  1. Provides detection of field names in hierarchical datasets.
  2. Hierarchical datasets now include controller fields such as File Name.
  3. General improvements around field name detection.

XmlWriter Improvements

  1. Improved/actual XPath validation including validation of namespaces.
  2. Ability to specify Attribute Sub expressions in the XmlWriter.

Webservice Improvements

  1. Ability for a webservices to make changes at each transaction level
    • This allows IMan to make a call for a list of transactions/record, then a separate call to obtain the details of each transaction/record and so on for each child.

Email Task

Can now send specify not to send emails when there is no data to process.


  1. Removed support for Windows 2003
  2. Added support for Windows Server 2016
  3. Added support for SQL Server 2016

Job Concurrency

  1. Reimplemented concurrency control
    • removing concurrency & semaphore related issues.


Can now access IMan via the simple url of: