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Support & Assistance FAQ

This document attempts to answer questions surrounding our support coverage and particularly to answer questions which may arise from section 3 of the reseller agreement.

Our Rationale

Integration can be difficult! Any integration may have a number of different technologies it interacts with. Connecting to an application can be difficult due to various security issues, operating systems, and any number of permutations.

Realisable & IMan cannot possibly cover every environment & environmental configuration.

We will try to provide support, but prior to contacting us you need to demonstrate that you’ve attempted to resolve the issue yourself.

We recommend you consult the online documentation, support forum, or knowledge base articles, as there is a chance the issue may have been encountered by others. We will point you to these articles or forum posts if we receive a known issue.

We reserve the right charge for support services which we consider out-of-scope.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am having issues installing IMan. Can you help?

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.e

We can provide assistance, but the Quick Start Guide is your best reference. If this does not solve your issue, we recommend searching our forum. The likelihood is that someone else has encountered the same scenario.

I have installed IMan onto an unsupported environment.

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.e

Please consult our Quick Start Guide, it lists each environment we support.

The Application Connector Won’t Connect. Can you help?

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.a & Section 3.1.c

Due to their architecture, some applications are more difficult to connect with than others. Sage300 take a bow!

Where Realisable has encountered difficulties during our development we tend to document the issues and resolutions in the connector’s documentation. It is advisable to review the documentation and the forum to see if others have had the same issue prior to raising a support ticket.

Misconfigured Applications

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.a

It is 100% your responsibility to ensure the application being integrated with is installed correctly.

If we are asked to resolve a connection (or integration) issue where we find the application is not configured correctly we reserve the right to charge for our support time.

Unsupported Application Environments & Stacks

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.f

“We’ve purchased connector XYZ to connect to application XYZ, but application XYZ is running in an environment not supported by the application’s developers. Will you support us?”

Ultimately No.

It is paramount that applications are running in supported environments. It’s just too risky for a business to do otherwise!

Any time Realisable spend diagnosing issues on an environment not supported by the application is chargeable. We may through support be able to resolve any issue, but unless the issue can be 100% replicated in a supported environment and is in no way related to the unsupported environment we will charge for our time.

Application Connector Version Compatibility

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.d

We’ve just upgraded our integrated application to version 123. IMan doesn’t work. Can you help us?

We will endeavour to assist you, but you need to check compatibility on our website prior to upgrading as we may not yet be compatible. There can be delays due to the application vendor not providing a pre-release copy, technical issues due to the upgrade, or our development schedule.

Touchpoints #1 – Application Connector support have doesn’t support the specific touchpoint I need for integration.

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.e

Most, but not all connectors, have specific touchpoints with an application. It is important that you check the connector supports the required integration.

Each of the supported touchpoints is listed on our website either on the relevant product page or on the documentation area.

The website lists the current IMan touchpoints provided by the connector for the current version of the application. Where an Application Connectors supports versions prior to Application’s current version the connector’s touchpoints may differ from that listed.

If we need to develop a touchpoint, it will typically be chargeable.

Touchpoints #2 – The touchpoint doesn’t support a specific feature.

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.e

Some connector touchpoints provide more advanced connectivity such as update & delete capabilities or support for seral & batch/lot number tracking. Not all touchpoints have those capabilities, so it is important to check the documentation for the specific capabilities of each touchpoint.

The website lists the current IMan touchpoint functionality provided by the connector for the current version of the application. Where an Application Connectors supports versions prior to Application’s current version the connector’s touchpoint capabilities may differ from that listed.

If we need to develop a feature, it will typically be chargeable.

Data Connectors – File ABC doesn’t work. Why?

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.d

Whilst we attempt to provide generic capabilities to read a variety of formats and file layouts, some layouts are clumsy, semi-structured, or just plain weird!

Where you have such a layout, we recommend that you trial this first in IMan (you can download a trial from our website).

We can provide tips and assistance, but we cannot be held responsible if IMan cannot read/write the layout desired.

Webservices Connector – I cannot connect to a webservice. Can you help?

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.d

‘Webservices’ is a big term and there are a lot of standards available, and a plethora of webservice implementations and ‘broken’ implementations, different authentication and verification mechanisms.

Yes, we can assist you and we may provide patches to cover certain scenarios, but again, if you are unsure you should test the service should to be tested prior to purchase.

FTP/Email – I cannot connect to a specific server. Can you help?

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.d

Yes, we will endeavour to assist you, however we cannot guarantee 100% across every single service. If the particular application is an important part of the overall integration we recommend you test. In situations where IMan cannot connect, we will typically offer a couple of workarounds.

Database Connection – I cannot connect to a specific database. Can you help?

Reseller Agreement Section 3.1.d

IMan connects using ODBC or OleDb; you will require driver installed on the IMan server to provide this capability.

If you are attempting to connect to an exotic database we recommend you test the connection prior to purchase. In these types of environments there is often an expert whom can lend a hand so we recommend you reach out to those people, as we’re experts in every single database technology and can only provide generic tips and pointers.