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Distribution & Logistics

Looking to implement an on-premise WMS or other distribution system?

Are you or your clients looking to outsource your warehousing operations to a 3PL or 4PL provider?

IMan can help you bridge these solutions by providing a robust integration/middleware platform, removing the need for expensive and time-consuming bespoke or custom written integration.

IMan is able to integrate virtually any distribution, warehousing & shipping solution with your Sage Accounting or ERP solution by providing:

  • IMan provides all the touch points with Sage50, Sage200, Sage300 & SageX3 required for integration with distribution solutions.
  • Resilient error handling & logging and service based execution.
  • Always on, near realtime integration capable of handling 1000s of transactions per day.
  • Configuration based integration designer reduces cost by 60% and time scales by 70% versus custom development.
  • Broad data support for integrating via different mediums such as: File Exchange (CSV/Text, Xml, Excel) with FTP/SSH for remote connectivity, direct database & webservice connectivity.

With a successful and proven track record, IMan has been used in the following deployments.

WMS and 3PLs Integration Points

  • Download item and other master data from the ERP.
  • Download Sales & Purchase Orders from ERP.
  • Sales Despatch & Shipment creation from WMS/3PL picking confirmations.
  • Purchase receipt creation from WMS/3PL receipt confirmation documents.
  • Implement logic for handling backorders on both sales and purchase order documents.
  • Upload of adjustments and cycle counts.
  • Process stock counts.
  • Stock Transfers between physical & logically defined locations.
  • Handle transactions involving Serial & Lot Number tracked items.
  • Exchange of more exotic transactions such as RMAs, Vendor Returns & Kitting.

Shipping System Integration either with a WMS or directly with your ERP platform.

  • Trigger Shipment/Despatch Documents in ERP
  • Include shipping and handling charges from rating operations.

Custom Logic, Email Alerting & Verification

  • IMan’s Email functionality means that any process can incorporate validation logic to trigger email based alerting.
  • Customer Shipment confirmations including Tracking Data
  • Incorporate custom business logic into any process such as special treatment of marketing materials on sales orders or purchasing, movement & adjustment operations for packaging & consumables.

IMan can become your hub for integrating disparate distribution solutions across your organisation.