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The Realisable IMan SDK allows you to extend IMan to integrate external applications and webservices otherwise out-of-reach with our standard data (Database, File & Http) connectors.

To ensure your development time is maximised, all connector development is light-weight & focussed solely on the code required to transact with the application or webservice.

Connectors behave in the same manner as the standard Sage connectors provided with the IMan, with full design-time and preview capability.

To promote 3rd party development, resell opportunity & your intellectual property, Connectors can implement a licensing mechanism.

Furthermore it’s free and bundled with the software.

Using the Designer with an SDK Connector


  • Supports both styles of connector to both ‘push’ data (import) into an application as well as read or extract (export) data from an application.
  • Non Complicated – Simple interface based API, with no complicated and infrastructure object wire-ups.
  • No UI development – All User Interface handling is performed by IMan within the core application.
  • Licensing Mechanism
  • Drop-in deployment – No special deployment requirements. Simply drop the assemblies into the IMan ‘Addins’ folder.

SDK Connector Transform Setup

SDK Components

  • Fully commented Sample connector project and test project illustrating all aspects of connector development.
  • Full SDK Documentation.
  • Connector test Application to rapidly test elements of the connector.
  • .Net Environment

Download and install a copy of IMan and get coding!