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We have prepared a number of online demonstrations to help you understand our software. For additional help visit our knowledge base.

Introductory Demonstration

The introductory demonstration shows how IMan can be used to setup an automated import of Customer records into Sage200, showcasing:

  • Flexibility – Via IMan’s extensive transformation functionality
  • Ease of Use and Setup
  • Auditing & Error Handling functions
  • Automated scheduling

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Sage 200 Sales Ledger Invoice Import

This video demonstrates how IMan can automate transactional imports and data uploads into Sage200, showcasing a number of key IMan features:

  • Flexibility – Via IMan’s extensive transformation functionality.
  • Data Lookups and Translation
  • Ease of Use and Set-up
  • Auditing & Error Handling functions
  • Automated scheduling

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Sage200 Magento Integration

This video demonstrates integration between Magento and Sage200 using IMan.

The video is split into two parts. The first part demonstrates a very simple configuration where sales orders are importing into Sage200 and shipment data is uploaded to Magento once an order is despatched.

The second part extends the two integration by demonstrating how IMan can be configured to match any requirement. The order import is extended to show how an automated back-to-back sales-purchase order processing can be created, and the despatch export is extended to automate the Sage200 invoice print/post process and using IMan to print & export the invoice to PDF, before it is emailed to the customer.

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Sage300 ERP O/E Order Import

Demonstrates the creation of a simple import of data from an Excel spreadsheet into Sage300 ERP. The demonstration covers some simple hierarchical and expression transformation and auditing and IMan’s reconciliation functionality.

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Sage300 ERP O/E Integration Part II – Automation

This demonstration shows how IMan can be used for process automation, covering specifically:

  • Automating Order Confirmation printing in Sage300.
  • Defining & using the Lookup function.
  • Using the Email Task to automate customer document distribution.

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Sage300 Transaction Export to Xml

This demonstration illustrates how IMan can be used to extract from Sage300 to produce an Xml data file.

Whilst specific to Sage300, this strategy can be used on any database.

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Live Demonstrations

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